Although Donna is originally trained and qualified in massage, an ancient therapy which has been proven to be useful for the human athlete and is believed to offer the same benefits to horses, Donna has completed CPD short courses in Advanced Myofascial Release, Myofascial Release for Performance & Therapy, Spinal Freedom, Introduction to Kinesio Taping, Low Level Laser Therapy, PEMFT, Emmett Technique, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Saddle Fitting, and Introduction to far! 

ALL horses and ponies benefit from regular treatments and Donna recommends a routine of therapy programmes for effective prehabilitation to help reduce risk of injury, such as 3 monthly treatments for those horses and ponies in regular work; the competition horse will benefit from more frequent monthly/bi-monthly visits; and for post injury cases bespoketherapy and rehabilitation programmes can be arranged. Donna is able to monitor the patterns of any gait asymmetry, muscle strains or spasms, repetitive areas of soreness, etc and can advise when further investigation and treatments are required by referring to a Veterinarian, Equine Dental Technician, Master Saddler or Farrier. It is vital to have a competent team of professionals to maintain optimum health for your horses and ponies. Donna can also assist with therapy programmes for rehabilitation and follow up treatment timescales. 

The techniques Donna applies have multifunctional benefits, providing a complete head to toe, nose to tail, holistic assessment and treatment. Treatments are mostly hands-on, however Donna also utilises effective modalities to assist with the effectiveness and longevity of treatments; Thermal Image Camera, Low Level Laser & Photo-therapy System, Kinesio Tape and ArcEquine. 

  • Muscles - improvement to muscle tone, relief of muscle fatigue, relaxation by releasing contractions/spasms/knots/tension in the muscles

  • Fascia - relieving fascia tension, restoring mobility

  • Joints & Spine - mobility of joints by stimulation of synovial fluids & mobility of the spinal column through relief of pressure on nerves

  • Cells and Tissues - cell regeneration by increased blood supply, removal of metabolic waste products

  • Vascular system - increases both heart function and blood circulation

  • Lymphatic system - detoxification and drainage of lymph by increased flow

  • Coat and Skin - vasodilation of surface capillaries, sebaceous gland secretion

  • Digestive system - prevention of constipation by increased peristalsis

  • Neurological system - stimulation to nerve endings, relieves tension in nerve pathways

  • Respiratory system - relaxation

  • Endocrine system - enhanced hormone circulation, initiates parasympathetic nervous system thus relaxation of muscles