Donna undertook the 2 years training to become a professionally qualified equine massage practitioner with the Equine Massage Academy run by Angela Hall. Angela has a wealth of international experience with a variety of horses and is very enthusiastic about racehorse rehabilitation, equine welfare and keeping up to date with current research. Donna is a member of the EMA Association (EMAA) and has been awarded the LANTRA certificate of training. The course consisted of 15 case studies, a number of assignments covering a range of topics, exam and practical assessment. Donna has continued to add to her skills and is constantly improving her knowledge and range of techniques through attending essential CPD courses. 

Donna trained in Shiatsu for a number of years with Sue Hix, the author of Traditional Shiatsu for Horses, at Sue’s Rosewell Shiatsu Centre in South Lincolnshire . Sue teaches both human and equine shiatsu in the UK and parts of Europe. Donna initially trained and practised the art of Shiatsu on humans before transferring the techniques over to equines. To become a Practitioner of Equine Shiatsu Donna completed assignments and case studies on equines as well as being continually assessed by Sue Hix during practical equine training days. Donna is working towards the qualification of Shiatsu Practitioner for people as well. Donna is a member of the Equine Shiatsu Association (tESA).

The Royal Agricultural University BSc Hons degree in Equine Therapy & Rehabilitation is a 3-year scientific based course which covers a wide range of subjects:


• Evolution & Development of the horse

• Equine Anatomy & Physiology

• Applied, Advanced & Clinical Nutrition

• Practical and Specialist Equine Practice

• Equine Resource Technology

• Equine Health and Sports Medicine

• Therapy for Performance and Performance Training & Groundwork

• Equine Behaviour & Welfare

• Specialist Training, Therapy & Rehabilitation

• Veterinary Science

• Alternative Therapies

• Professional Development

• Dissertation - "Does stimulation by Shiatsu to the horse's Bladder Meridian have an effect on the surface temperature pf the 5 Viscera Yu Points?"