"I have had Donna do my advanced dressage horses for some time. Donna is excellent with the horses including some of more highly strung ones. Donna has the horses relaxed in no time and the horses enjoy their treatments. Donna always finds what I feel when I train them even though I never say anything before the treatment. Afterwards the horses feel lovely and loose. I totally trust Donna with my horses she does for me young horses to Grand Prix highly recommend her for any type of horse."  - Jayne Lancashire.

"I had Donna out to my late big lad. He always loved her coming out and he always looked and felt so much better afterwards. She gave me advice and showed me many techniques I could do at home. Fantastic horsewoman xxx" -  Karly Barron.

"Donna has been to my pony a few times for shiatsu, thermal imaging and massage, she is always very thorough and calming which reflects on Willow, would recommend to anyone, Willow loves her Auntie Donna! Xxx" -  Becky Fowler.

"Donna excels at providing therapeutic massage to my horses. It is evident that the horses enjoy it and experience superb levels of relaxation and release of tension. Donna is intuitive in her techniques, really taking the lead from observing horse behaviour and feeling their energy. Using a combination of skills, she can also provide you with suggestions of potential areas that may need veterinary attention too which is vital in preventing injury and spotting problems before they get worse. I highly recommend booking Donna for regular sessions of massage."  - Jodi Shanahan

"Donna came today and was fantastic with my horse who was so relaxed and happy, shall be booking another appointment in a few months x" - Lindsey Waters

"Wow!!!!!!! what an amazing difference on Casino after his fantastic soft tissue mobilisation. Such a massive difference in right flexion which is his more difficult way. I had more bend in the half pass and canter pirouettes!!!!!! I cannot believe there is such a massive difference in one treatment of it. Can't wait for next time as you need to do Alf!!!!! Xx - Jayne Lancashire

"Had an afternoon visit from the wonderful Donna Barker Equine Therapy & Rehabilitation. All the boys had a massage which loosened any tension which had built up leaving them loose and supple" - Tanya Rodgers