• Equine Integratvie Support Therapy (incl LLLT & Kinesio Taping when required) - £50

  • Equine Integrative Support Therapy & Thermal Imaging - £65

  • Equine Shiatsu incorporating Cranio-sacral Therapy - £40

  • Horse & Rider Therapy Treatment Package - £65

  • Stand Alone LLLT Blue Light &/or Red Light Photo-therapy - £15 per treatment

  • Stand Alone Thermal Imaging - £20 per set of images & report

  • ArcEquine Microcurrent Kit Rental Service (2 or 3 week periods) - £5 per day / £35 per week

  • Arc4Health Microcurrent Kit Rental Service (2 or 3 week periods) - £3 per day / £21 per week

  • Prehabilitation & Rehabilitation exercises - correcting asymmetry & crookedness - £25 per hour

  • Groundwork & handling skills - £20 per hour

  • Guest Speaking - presentation and/or demonstration - £25 per hour

Each appointment includes: consultation with conformation and biomechanical assessments of the horse both statically and dynamically; lunge, long line or ridden assessment if required; tack fit assessment if required; palpation and range of motion assessments; therapy application and a therapy report provided to owner and also to the vet if requested. Each Therapy Treatment is tailored to the needs of each individual horse and pony and can take between 1 to 3 hours depending on services requested. Travel costs may apply subject to location.

  • Under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 I advise owners to inform their Vet of my visit, or seek permission if during an injury/illness/recovery period.

  • The horse or pony must not be fed at least 1 hour before and after treatment and must be in a clean, dry condition.

  • The area to carry out the treatment should be clean, quiet and as free from draughts as possible.

  • It is preferable to have a handler present with the horse at the time of treatment.

Low Level Laser Therapy/LED Photo-therapy Red Light LED is used to enhance the effectiveness and longevity of Donna's treatments by treating Myofascial Trigger Points, Muscle Tension & Spasms, Odeamas, Joint Pain and Scar Tissue. Blue Light or both Blue & Red Light is used in cases of Wound Healing and Infection Reduction - in conjunction with Veterinary advice and referral. Donna uses an MLP-6 Low Level Laser & Photo-therapy System. 

Kinesio Taping Tape can be applied during a treatment to assist Myofascial Release, ease sore muscles, improve posture, aid circulation and reduce odeamas. Tape can also be left on the horse or applied post treatment for therapy, rehabilitation and training purposes. Donna uses RockTape Equine Kinesiology tape. 

Thermal Images can be provided as part of your horse's therapy programme for owner use and also for veterinary interpretation if required. Thermal Imaging is useful to monitor muscle atrophy, asymmetry, and detect heat/cold patterns. Donna has undertaken training with FLIR and through Bishop Burton College during the University degree. Donna will offer advice and guidance as to the results of the images but will not diagnose conditions. The equipment Donna uses are a FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Imaging System and FLIR Tools Software. 

ArcEquine and Arc4Health Rental Service for both horse and human. This Microcurrent Technology device is safe, non-invasive, drug free and easy to use. The benefits include: reduces inflammation which alleviates pain, boosts ATP production up to 500%, reduces healing time by speeding up the natural healing process, tissue repair, works with the body's own bio currents, does not vibrate or pulse, and is easy to pack for use at competitions and training camps. Unique discount codes are also available from Donna for purchasing devices from The Arc Family.

Prehabilitation & Rehabilitation exercises - correcting asymmetry & crookedness for optimum health and performance. Horses, like humans, are naturally crooked with a preference to stabilise themselves on either their right or left side, known as the right side/left side dominance or lateral preference. Donna can show you some simple training techniques on the ground and under saddle to encourage your horse to improve their overall self-carriage and balance thus becoming more symmetrical.

Groundwork & handling skills for owners wishing to assist in the continued therapy for their horse in between massage or shiatsu appointments; to learn new skills such as long lining, body language communication and bonding; ground work for safer handling and leading skills.

Guest Speaking - presentation and/or demonstration for colleges, charities, clubs and organisations. Donna has presented the Benefits of Massage to public audiences and presented and demonstrated Equine Shiatsu to level 6 degree college students.